Copyright 2008 Derek von Essen

Horizons + Intersections III

Our environment changes so frequently that it's difficult to imagine the
earth's surface as full. Humankind's evolving territorial crawl combined
with our skill at adapting to new environments poses the question: Do we
notice the changes around us? As we transform our natural surroundings for
the sake of new development, is our progress marked by how far we will go or
how much space we have left on this planet?

Infinity is a short word for something so vast and intangible as a
never-ending horizon. A skyline displays a variety of buildings and
structures, hiding the open ground which spans further than any eye can see.
It is a place where two crucial elements to human existence - earth
(tangible) and air (intangible), appear to meet - but do not. An officially
declared intersection, marked as two [or more] designated meeting points has
been created to increase the flow of direction. What was continuous is now
divided by way of a connection point. Both horizons and intersections offer
space where conflicting elements convene to create a perceived meeting place
ground that is open to interpretation with Horizons + Intersections.

Created from hundreds of still photos shot in Vancouver, Portland, Toronto,
Hamburg, Berlin, Barcelona and London, Horizons + Intersections embodies
the raw landscape as it develops into a human-conceived realm, then
regresses back to its natural form through digital metamorphosis.

Click HERE to view the catalogue from Horizons + Intersections III at Toronto's Bau-Xi Gallery installation, May of 2007. Featuring the work of painter Val Nelson and the essay Exposed at the Limit by Aron Vinegar.